Monday, July 7, 2014

Mouse Ears

Mouse ears (otherwise known as pigtail buns) are, like shortalls, quite possibly one of the most awesome style-related creations ever.  They can, however, be difficult to do, and, after several days' worth of practice (and getting help from my mum), I have come up with a decent idea of how to do them. Note that they aren't exactly the same thing as Princess Leia's amazing hair buns in Star Wars but rather more attainable versions that also evoke thoughts of manga.
1) Part your hair down the center, separating it as you would if you were going to put it in pigtails. Let's call them pigtail A and pigtail B.
2) Take pigtail A and pull it up as if you are going to make a very high pigtail coming off one side of your head.
3) Twist pigtail A and then wrap it in a bun, securing with an elastic.
4) Repeat for pigtail B.

<3 Frances

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