Sunday, July 20, 2014

Skintervention: Kate Somerville

Left to right:
Toner, D-Scar Stick,
Detox Cleanser, EradiKate
I mentioned the Kate Somerville line for acne-prone skin in the post about my blueberry obsession, and I wanted to talk a little bit more about it because of the wonders it has done for my face. In the several years that I've suffered from severe acne, I've tried diets, supplements, and a slew of products.  While I think all the products I've used are wonderful, it's been hard to find ones that are both cruelty-free towards animals and also strong against blemishes.
Enter Kate Somerville.
The LA-based skin expert's line of skin serums and creams have managed to do the impossible: clear my skin up!  Being the sort of person who can only afford thrift-store shopping, I understand that they're expensive, but, if you have skin like mine and any money saved up that you'd be willing to put towards complexion clearance, it's worth it.  Think of it as a medicinal investment as opposed to a splurge.
I get breakouts mostly on my cheeks, forehead, and nose (oh, my, that's a lot), and they leave scars on my face. Since I started using Kate Somerville's Clarifying Treatment Toner, Detox Daily Cleanser, and EradiKate Serum (a sulfur solution) in February, though, I've had a significant reduction in the number of active breakouts, and the D-Scar Stick is working like a magic wand for my scars, reducing redness and depth.  I'm optimistic, and I'll keep you updated about progress with the scars.

<3 Frances

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