Monday, July 7, 2014

Personality Profiling....Or How Everything is Starting to Make Sense Now

I'm the sort of person who really likes taking online quizzes in-between writing and looking at the photoessays featured on Mother Jones.  I think I enjoy them so much because they're usually not so sad as the material I usually look at (PETA's Facebook posts break my heart, but I am drawn to them anyway), and I also like seeing how I fall as far as my answers are concerned.  When my mum introduced me to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Profiling System, another quiz, I was therefore really quite enthusiastic about taking it.
At the end of the few dozen questions, I received the same result that my mum had: "You are an INFJ."  We were both sitting there needing to figure out what on Earth that meant.  The most surprising part of this, though? It turned out to make total sense.  The INFJ personality type, by description, is shy and quiet in social situations but also deeply affected by and sensitive to all that is going on around them, leading them to be obsessed with a cause (animal rights, environmentalism, etc.) to a point of madness. Seeing how accurately the program had identified us, my mum and I looked into the other types, and I'm sharing the program now because, if you at times feel like you don't "fit in," it may help you to make sense of things.

How Meyers-Briggs Works
Basically, the Meyers-Briggs test analyzes your responses to a series of questions in order to calculate whether or not you're an E or an I, a S or a N, a T or a F, and a J or a P.  It then takes the letters you get from those four sets and strings them together to determine your personality type (example: ESTJ).
Click here to visit Prelude Character Analysis's page about the different types and what the letters mean.

Hopefully some of you find this to be interesting or helpful.  Seeing how the INFJ interacts with other types really helped me to make sense of the relationships that I have with other people, and I know others who have used the profiling system to understand why they don't always feel "connected" to those around them.

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