Thursday, July 3, 2014

Writer's Block

It's been over a month since my last blog post, and, while I'd like to say that the only reason for this was end-of-the-year school projects, I've decided to just get it over with and recognize my susceptibility to the terrible condition that is writer's block. 
*cue terrified screams and doom music*
Honestly, though--writer's block is something that has plagued me my entire life and, if I know myself, always will. It's like a pessimistic little friend living on my shoulder and whispering doubtful things into my ear every time I try to get a decent sentence down.  Eventually it starts to scream, and then I lose all patience with myself and all the supposedly literary genes in my body just shut down.  This is a phenomenon afflicting millions of writers all over the world, and, while I take this moment to reflect on their shared pain, I am also consciously deciding to try to fight writer's block.  
Here are a few helpful tips (that I need to follow more often) that will help pull the evil little doubt demon out of your ear:
  • Listen to music.  I find that sad indie songs help me the best, but it's different for everyone depending on who they are and what they're writing.  Is it a scene with a party? Try Skrillex.  Did her family just die before her eyes? Lykke Li or Bon Iver.
  • Watch movies.  Finally--an excuse to sit by Netflix!  Like music, different genres of films can have different effects on what you're writing as far as what they'll inspire you to produce. 
  • Watch movie trailers.  Okay, this is kind of a weird one, but movie trailers are crazy inspiring sometimes.  They're made of what are supposedly the best scenes of the movie being advertised and usually have gripping background music that'll get you all excited and, hopefully, get the creative blood pumping back into your brain.  
  • Read. Reading what other authors have written can often kick-start your writing again.  It's like when people practice immersion in order to better learn a language--exposure is the best way to get your head in the game.

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